Winterization with Storage Available!
Pilgrim Power Sports
74 Camelot Drive, Suite #2
Plymouth, MA

Service Description

Let us prepare your vehicle for winter. Months of riding hard and enjoying your motorcycle or watercraft may have left it in need of service! That's where we come in! We add fuel STA-BIL® to the gas tank, fog the inside of the engine, grease the suspension and drive shaft, and spray metal protector on all of your metal engine components to fully prepare your vehicle for winter.

After we winterize your vehicle we have the option for storage in our secure, camera monitored shop. Take comfort in knowing professional, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians prepared and stored your bike or watercraft in the brutal Winter months.

We keep it worry free when Spring rolls around by prepping your vehicle prior to your pickup date! Need your bike early? No problem! Just give us a heads up and we can prep it sooner!

Winterization and storage has never been easier! Leave it to us to make sure your bike or watercraft is safe, serviced, and secure for the Winter!